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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast
62 min2020 JUN 23
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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.107


Happy belated Pappy's day to all my OG Father's out there.  Happy belated Juneteenth to all my people of color.  On today's show we're picking up where we left off, further discussing the issues plaguing America and some solutions, then we getting straight into fight talk, I have a Blaydes vs Volkov recap, Shane Burgos vs. Josh Emmett was fight of the year so far, I preview Poirier vs. Hooker, Tito Ortiz puts his money where his gums are and decides to become a Cop, some Hillbilly inbreds put a noose in Bubba Watson's pit garage, NASCAR tries to weed out all their racist fans and are left with six fans, Kyrie Irving cock-blocks the NBA, my show Vanderpump Rules will never be the same again, and as usual, all kinds of miscellaneous extraneous gum bumping. The W(S)P, ya dig!

"Legends Of The Fall"

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/10A4XJ4ebuWvVdpzk3APfS?si=YruhfaTLQGaxNbaWLKukZg

"Bet I Won't" Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7p6aFs1x3COWRY4GsrFET7?si=IJdNPHmjTqqtOriFO3T0MQ

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