The Customer Onboarding Podcast
54min2020 APR 13
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In this episode, Jamie Cole (Chief of Staff, TaskRay) sits down with Dan Steinman (Chief Evangelist, Gainsight) to discuss why 70% of churn happens because of the customer's experience in the first 90 days, how to build a successful hand-off process, and more. Learn how to onboard customers faster, better, and with higher success. Leading customer support and customer experience leaders share their hard-won onboarding strategies that have enabled them to retain customers and increase their customer's life-time value. Your host Jamie Cole (Chief of Staff, TaskRay) uncovers how leading companies in SaaS, telecommunications, finance, and beyond ensure the success of new customers. Jamie and guests discuss onboarding best practices, innovative strategies, and how to plan a career in customer onboarding. Subscribe today and learn how companies like Dominos, The YMCA, Calix Technologies, and others ensure success for their customers in their first 90-120 days every time. TaskRay, the cust...