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Happy Healthy Human Radio - Find Balance With Samantha Attard PhD, RYT, Doula
15 min2020 AUG 15
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Why I stopped talking like the folks on the news


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On this week's episode: 

-Communication styles that you might have picked up from the media

-My favorite yoga practice from this past week and what song I’m listening to

-How you can help Elijah McClain

-Next week’s livestream yoga schedule

Links from this week's episode:

-Fall Yoga Survey -bit.ly/sam-yoga-survey

-Sign up for Yoga Classes! -  spirocollective.com/events

-Join the fall vision board workshop - spirocollective.com/events/vision-board-aug-2020

-Get on demand yoga classes - patreon.com/spirocollective

-Who was Elijah McClain - https://www.nytimes.com/article/who-was-elijah-mcclain.html

-@JusticeforElijahMcClain - https://linktr.ee/Justiceforelijahmcclain

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