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The Jonescast
49 min2017 JUL 20
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Wisdom is Earned | Mary Barringer, Silvie Granatelli, Gail Kendall | ep.#70


This episode was recorded live at NCECA 2017 in Portland, OR. My guests, Mary Barringer, Silvie Granatelli, Gail Kendall are some of my favorite people and I have worked with them in some capacity over the years. Prior to our live podcast recording I sent them three questions that this episode revolves around.

  1. You’ve all been making work for several decades. Do you aim to make work that fits an “ideal” or are you evolving over time? In other words, how close do you feel you are to making pots that are truly yours?
  2. How are you exploiting your studio time now as a creative outlet, and does that reach outside of ceramics?
  3. All three of you have made changes to your career (retirement, cutting down on shows) that were a big part of life for many years, what has the transition to your latest chapter of life been like?


music credits: War on Drugs, Chance the Rapper, Gillian Welch