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Church At Home
34 minFEB 28
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Yes and Amen – Does God have a guarantee for you?


----// Next Steps \\---- 1. Text “HelloCOR” to 474747 – Connect with us, each week! 2. Head to the Church@Home Website (www.ionanetwork.org) and sign up for a daily devotional, free book, or a course on taking your next step in following Jesus. ----// Resources \\----- Join us every Sunday at 10:15 AM for our LiveStream – and consider joining a Life Group. You can get the current study here: https://amzn.to/37AdPif Promises, Promises… Parents make them. Children make them. And, sadly, we all break them. Because of our inherent distrust, we spend inordinate amounts of money to lawyers to help us draft contracts. We have to get promises in writing because we often can’t trust other people. And, truth be told, we often can’t be trusted. Trust is hard to come by – not because it isn’t good, but because we’re not! This week we look at how God substitutes himself and guarantees a way for us. But (often when it’s the darkest) we do see: All those promises find their “yes” in Jesus -- and our hearts sing out, “Amen!”. Join us on the journey in this Gospel-centered Bible study. Read scripture, reflect, and join a small group Bible study as you explore the “Yes & Amen!” of Jesus. Get the Bible Study guide here: https://amzn.to/3uBTv9Z ----// Connect \\----- - - Text “HelloCOR” to 474747 - Website – ResurrectionSurfside.org or IonaNetwork.org - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Resurrection... ----// Vision \\----- - Church@Home - I’ve always wondered, “How do we reach people who can’t come to church”? You know –Sunday brunch restaurant staff, hospitality staff, healthcare workers… The Grand Strand’s economy is based on weekend workers. How do we serve their needs? Simple! Church@Home. It’s a simple, Anglican, worship service that says “welcome home” to those with little to no connection to church so they can take a first step towards investigating, connecting, belonging, and then bringing others along… ----// How you can help \\----- We are growing this little experiment with equipment we already have but we could use some more cameras and gear. If you’re interested in helping, reach out to us through the link at the top or our facebook page and let us know. Also – you can donate to Church@Home through the donation page just put C@H in the memo: https://forms.ionanetwork.org/help -----// Keywords \\----- Sacrifice of Isaac, Yes and Amen, Church at home, #churchathome, church@home, worship at home, Christianity, Anglican, Diocese of South Carolina, ACNA, Bible, Bible Study, Myrtle Beach Church, Surfside Church, Elevation Church, Joel Osteen, Newspring,