Daf Yomi for Women - Hadran
47min2022 APR 27
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Presentation in PDF format Today's daf is sponsored by Ellie Gellman, In memory of her husband, Reuven Gellman, Reuven Shimon ben Shraga Dov whose yahrzeit was on Chol HaMoed Pesach. A talmid chacham, research scientist, and teacher, he loved the intersection of science and Torah learning and especially enjoyed the obscure and improbable sugiyot. I know he would have had something fascinating to say about every daf. Rabban Gamliel and the rabbis debate whether get after get or maamar after maamar is effective. What is the reason behind each opinion? Rava brings an explanation for Rabban Gamliel but Abaye raises a difficulty and therefore provides a different explanation. Abaye explains further that according to Rabban Gamliel, a "weakened" intercourse - meaning, after a get was given to one yevama, the yabam had intercourse with another yevama (the co-wife), is stronger in one sense than maamar but weaker in another. A braita is brought which explains in further detail the opinions of Rabban Gamliel and the rabbis by providing specific cases. How do their opinions fit in with Shmuel and Rav regarding zika and "weakened" chalitza? If Rabban Gamliel holds there is no maamar after maamar, then why couldn't one do yibum with the first yevama? Rabbi Yochanan collected various statements made by various rabbis and showed that all of them hold similarly that maamar has the power to acquire.

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