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Latina Mastermind
15 min2016 DEC 28
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You Can Only Go As Fast As Your Slowest Member


Have you ever tried rushing through your work because you had a pressing deadline, only to realize later that the product or service you delivered had several mistakes? Or perhaps you’ve had an experience while driving where the other drivers on the road were moving at a “turtle’s pace,” so you moved into a different lane – only to be slowed down by more slow drivers. These types of things happen every day of our lives, whether in our business or in our daily routines. It can be easy to become frustrated when these things happen, but there’s one critical thing you must remember – you can only go as fast as your slowest member. So, what how do we identify the slowest members in our team, business, or organization and what can we do to change things so that everyone can work a little faster? Today, we’re going to talk about that, and why it is so important that you not only identify the slow-movers, but you also understand why things are moving slowly for them and learn ways t...