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Like an FBI Negotiator, a course by Chris Voss

 12 min 12 min
2 Episodes2 Episodes
7 Resources7 Resources

Negotiation is a science with a consistent set of rules. While no outcome is ever completely predictable, there are a million ways of improving the odds. Chris Voss, former FBI Kidnapping Negotiator and current CEO of the Black Swan Group, knows a few things about striking a deal and just as much about walking away from one that has soured or lost direction. In this masterclass, he teaches you essential strategies, moves, and tricks for negotiating toward favorable outcomes.

You Will Learn

How to identify your negotiation style

How to master language and verbal cues

How to diminish negative emotions in negotiation

How to negotiate your salary

Course Outline

EP 1: Identify Your Negotiation Style

There are three basic types of negotiators: Assertives, Analysts, and Accommodators. To negotiate successfully, you’ll want to adopt aspects of all three styles. And you’ll want to know who you’re dealing with.

EP 2: Leverage Language and Linguistic Cues

Master negotiators are masters of language and verbal cues—both as observers and in action themselves. Three key cues/tools to pay special attention to are tone of voice, “mirroring”, and the use of the word “fair”.

EP 3: Take the Long View

Successful negotiators know how to play the long game. They approach every interaction with the other side as an encounter within a long-term relationship.

EP 4: Get Your Counterpart to Reveal Her Cards

Successful negotiation isn’t about “getting to yes”. FBI negotiator Chris Voss recommends starting with “no” instead.

EP 5: Make a Deal Out of the Way 

We’re worried about losing precious ground in deads. A smart tactic in negotiations is to find ways of preemptively diminishing these negative emotions in your negotiating partner. 

EP 6: Gain the Upper Hand

In negotiating, it’s good to gain the upper hand, and that gaining the upper hand is impossible if the other person feels threatened. So how do you remove the sense of threat? 

EP 7: Salary Negotiation Strategy

When you walk in to your boss’ office to ask for a raise, what should you be thinking about? Money, it turns out, is only one piece of the puzzle.

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  • Chris Voss
    Former Kidnapping Negotiator, FBI, and Author, "Never Split the Difference"
  • 2 Episodes · 7 Resources
    2 Episodes
    • Identify Your Negotiation Style – and Your Counterpart’s4 min
    • Leverage Language and Linguistic Cues8 min
    7 Resources
    • Identify Your Negotiation Style Worksheet
    • Leverage Language Worksheet
    • Take the Long View Worksheet
    • Counterpart to Reveal Her Cards
    • Make a Deal Out of the Way Worksheet
    • Gain the Upper Hand Worksheet
    • Salary Negotiation Strategy Worksheet
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