Close Deals Like an FBI Negotiator

A course by Chris Voss

Chris Voss

Chris Voss

Former Kidnapping Negotiator, FBI

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Chris Voss, former FBI Kidnapping Negotiator and current CEO of the Black Swan Group, knows a few things about striking a deal and just as much about walking away from one that has soured or lost direction. In this masterclass, he teaches you essential strategies, moves, and tricks for negotiating toward favorable outcomes.

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify your negotiation style

  • How to master language and verbal cues

  • How to diminish negative emotions in negotiation

  • How to negotiate your salary

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6 Episodes

1. Identify Your Negotiation Style – and Your Counterpart’s


Chris Voss knows—as only a former kidnapping negotiator for the FBI would know—that there are three basic types of negotiators: Assertives, Analysts, and Accommodators. An easy way to remember them is “fight, flight, or friend.”Assertives are blunt, forceful, intimidating, and impatient in negotiations. They tend to bully people into submission. Hence, “fight”. Analysts are risk-averse (hence, “flight”). They might not run away in the end, but they want to carefully consider every optio...

2. Leverage Language and Linguistic Cues


Among their many skills, master negotiators are masters of language and verbal cues—both as observers and in action themselves. For Chris Voss, three key cues/tools to pay special attention to are tone of voice, “mirroring”, and the use of the word “fair”.

3. Gain the Upper Hand


4. Get the Reasons You Won't Make a Deal Out of the Way


5. Get Your Counterpart to Reveal Her Cards


6. Take the Long View


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