Explore Your EQ

Strengthen emotional intelligence, a course by Daniel Goleman.

Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman

Author of Emotional intelligence, New York Times Bestseller

Explore Your EQ
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Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is far more important than IQ in determining career success. And unlike IQ, it doesn’t purport to measure a fixed, deterministic quantity. Goleman teaches you how to explore and strengthen your emotional intelligence, and then how to lead with compassion. 

What You'll Learn

  • What is emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • How to be an effective colleague and leader 

  • How to improve your EQ with meditation

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3 Episodes

1. The Key Distinguisher Between Average and Outstanding Performers


Emotional intelligence (or EQ), a characteristic first identified by psychologist Daniel Goleman and extensively studied since, is far more important than IQ in determining career success. And unlike IQ, it doesn’t purport to measure a fixed, deterministic quantity. EQ is the sum total of a set of skills that can be developed at any point throughout the lifespan.EQ trumps IQStudies point to a high correlation between career success and EQ.There’s a strong “floor effect” for IQ in any role. F...

2. Lead with Compassion


Emotional intelligence, a term coined by psychologist Daniel Goleman and closely connected with the work of Howard Gardner on “multiple intelligences”, has become a powerful frame of reference for employers. Numerous studies have shown that the ability to understand others’ emotional states translates into success at work. In this lesson, Goleman explores why emotionally intelligent people are more effective colleagues and leaders, able to inspire others and synchronize their efforts toward a common set of goals.Emotional Intelligence MattersLeaders must be emotionally supportive of talent so that the people on the front lines have the emotional reserves they need to connect with clients.

3. Strengthen Emotional Intelligence with Meditation


In recent years, meditation has gone so rapidly from subculture to mainstream that some might be tempted to dismiss it as a passing fad. The fact is that two core practices of the new wave of meditation apps and schools, mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation, date back thousands of years. And both have been clinically shown to have beneficial effects on self-awareness and compassion for others, two core dimensions of emotional intelligence.Boost calmnessOf the Four Domains of Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness meditation can help with self-awareness and self-management. Loving-kindness meditation can help with social awareness (empathy) and relationship management.Research shows that mindfulness meditation can dramatically improve emotional self-control. It helps people be less reactive under stress. When people do get upset, they’re more likely to recover more quickly.Boost compassionResearch shows that loving-kindness meditation—bringing to mind loves ones and wishing them ...

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