Developing Insights: Life-Changing Ideas

How perceptions shape everyday decisions

Gary Klein

Gary Klein

Pioneering cognitive psychologist

Developing Insights: Life-Changing Ideas
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How did Charles Darwin shape his theory of evolution? How was the Post-It Note invented? Renowned cognitive psychologist Gary Klein’s lifetime of research reveals just how insights propel us at work, in the military, and in everyday life. In this audio course, let Klein’s expertise help you unlock a whole new way of understanding the world.


What You'll Learn

  • How to leverage the power of insight to make everyday decisions 
  • How you can solve problems more effectively 
  • How to better understand the decisions people around you make   


8 Episodes



1. What are insights?


Learn what insights are, why they matter, and where they come from.

2. Misconceptions


Find out how we sometimes misunderstand the way to achieve insights.

3. Organizations strangle insights


Explore the ways that company practices and structures can stifle creativity and disrupt thought.

4. A curious world


Hear why paying attention to yourself and the anomalies around you can be crucial.

5. Insights around you


Learn to savor ideas and encourage others with your insights.

6. Dumping data


Get advice on why too much information can get in the way of real insights.

7. Team insights!


Discover what your team can do to promote insights.

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