Relationship Issues

Season 2 of “The Girl With the Self Esteem Issues”

Rosie Mercado

Rosie Mercado

TV Personality & Life Coach

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Join life coach and TV personality Rosie Mercado for The Girl With The Self Esteem Issues, relationship edition! Get ready for even more honest (and juicy) conversations between Rosie and her guests as they explore the world of relationships. From familial relationships to intimate relationships, there’s no corner Rosie and her guests won’t cover. New content releasing weekly in both English and Spanish.


What You'll Learn

  • Forgiveness

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality 

  • Self Love & Confidence

  • Empowerment


9 Episodes



1. The secret to a successful and sexy relationship with Ataca and la Alemana


Dance duo and married couple Ataca and la Alemana are known around the world for their sexy dance moves, but behind the fame and the bachata is a couple that has remained strong despite their challenges. They sit down with Rosie to talk about how they manage jealousy in a world of intimate dancing, and what it's really like working with your romantic partner.

2. How to turn your toughest moments into a life lesson with Amara la Negra


Singer, dancer, and TV personality Amara la Negra opens up to Rosie about what it was like being homeless while trying to achieve her dreams in the entertainment industry. Sharing candidly about money and giving back, Amara talks about overcoming obstacles and what financially independence means to her and her family.

3. Why moms ask for help with Bricia Lopez Maytorena and Paulina Lopez Velazquez of Super Mamas


Why is there such a taboo around mothers asking for help from time to time? That's what Rosie and Super Mamas hosts, Bricia and Paulina are trying to get to the bottom of in this episode which explores shame around mothering and how to speak up when it's become too much. Paulina also opens about her experience with postpartum depression, and sister Bricia gets real about why the perfect mother doesn't exist.

4. Why not everyone is a boss and why that's okay with brow guru Kelley Baker


Business owner and brow expert Kelley Baker has worked with stars including Cardi B and the Kardashians, yet not many know that Kelley started her business empire while raising a son on her own. Now a teenager, Kelley's son has taught her a lot about motherhood, being a boss (or not), and what it means to do things independently. She shares some of her best mom and boss tips with Rosie, as well as some brow wisdom.

5. How cannabis can enhance your sexual relationships with Ashley Manta


Relationship and sex coach Ashley Manta speaks with Rosie about why cannabis is an important part of her sex routine and how it can also help others get in touch with their mind and body. She opens about how cannabis helped her rediscover her love for sex after having experienced trauma and shares some steamy tips on how couples can spice up their sex life using the power of CBD.

6. Getting real about addictive personalities with singer and TV host Carnie Wilson


Carnie Wilson, part of the trio comprising Grammy-winning group Wilson Phillips, has led a blessed life of which many could only dream. Yet, the journey was plagued with battling inner demons along the way. From addiction to struggling with body image issues, Carnie openly shares her hard-earned wisdom with fans and family alike. Now a mother living honestly in real life and on social media, Carnie speaks candidly with Rosie about having an addictive personality and how she's learned to finally love her body.

7. Debunking diet, health and fitness myths with Dr. Jedidiah Ballard


Emergency room doctor and former Bachelorette contestant Jedidah Ballard knows that health and fitness can feel daunting, which is why he wants to get the record straight. From revealing the real truth about why diets don't work to insider secrets on how people can make time for fitness, Jedidiah debunks myths while reminding listeners that small changes can make a big difference.

8. What doing a detox actually means with Nikki Sharp


Nikki Sharp knows too well that "skinny" shouldn't be the ideal. The former model turned health coach and wellness blogger has dedicated her career to the pursuit of healthy living and to disproving the idea that being skinny leads to happiness. In this episode, she talks to Rosie about why detoxing isn't' a bad word, and Rosie opens up about her own weight loss journey.

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