Neelakanthu Bhanu

Exponential Growth

Neelakanthu Bhanu

Neelakanthu Bhanu

World’s fastest human calculator

Neelakanthu Bhanu
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As a child, Neelakanthu Bhanu fell in love with sports. But after being hit by a truck, Bhanu was left bed-bound for more than a year. His mother gave him a math puzzle to help pass the time, and Bhanu found that he was surprisingly good at it. He kept at it and eventually started going to speed calculation competitions, first becoming national champion of India and in 2020 he won gold at the Mental Calculation World Championship. 


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Neelakanthu Bhanu


After a horrific bike injury left Neelakanthu Bhanu bed-bound, he found a new way to satisfy his need for speed.

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