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Getting Past Jealousy

Forging better relationships

Zachary Stockill

Zachary Stockill

BBC Featured Author & Podcast Host

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Jealousy is an incredibly common phenomenon in romantic relationships. Award-winning author Zachary Stockill, whose work has been featured by the BBC, The Sun, and HuffPost Live, deeply understands both the causes and the cures for the toxic conditions of irrational jealousy. Whether you’re the jealous partner or you’re trying to figure out how to deal with one, this course can help you navigate those perilous waters.

What You'll Learn

  • Where jealousy comes from and how it damages relationships
  • The roles of mindfulness and physicality in overcoming jealousy
  • How to pave the way toward healthier relationships


7 Episodes

1. How Jealousy Affects Relationships


Learn the origins of jealousy, and how jealous behavior poses an unavoidable tax on relationships.

2. A Healthier Framework for Relationships


Overcome unrealistic, often deeply-held beliefs about love and relationships. Take back the power to choose and shape your own perspectives.

3. Mindfulness & Physicality


Become more physically aware of your reactions to certain thoughts and emotions, and learn to disconnect from unhelpful thought-patterns.

4. Cultivating A New Self-Image


Cultivate a more inspiring and exciting vision of who you are, and then identify and resolve fears and insecurities.

5. Retroactive Jealousy


Understand the three types of retroactive jealousy, and how they manifest and potentially threaten relationships.

6. Dealing with a Jealous Partner


Learn how to create healthy boundaries, and accept the limits of one person’s ability to change another.

7. Creating a Shared Vision


Collaborate with your partner to identify the reasons you are together, and what you are both hoping to achieve together, both in the short and long term.

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