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Rosie Mercado

Rosie Mercado

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The Girl With The Self Esteem Issues
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Join life coach and television personality Rosie Mercado as she keeps it real, raw, and relatable on her new podcast, The Girl with the Self-Esteem Issues. Airing weekly in both English and Spanish, each episode features candid conversations with influential figures, covering a wide range of topics including relationships, health, parenting, sex, and advocacy.

What You'll Learn

  • Living as your authentic self.

  • How to be more authentic and relatable with others.

  • How to thrive after 50 years.

  • The best ways to grow from romantic and professional break-ups.


10 Episodes

1. The path to spirituality with Panache Desai


In her premiere podcast episode, TV personality and life coach Rosie Mercado speaks with bestselling author and new thought leader Panache Desai about the importance of spirituality. Panache shares the transformative story about a terrifying experience he and his family had during the birth of his daughter, and how surrendering and living as your authentic self are key to living a happy and fulfilling life.

2. Authenticity with Carlos Gil


Marketing extraordinaire and author Carlos Gil shares the inspiring wisdom about the importance of being authentic and relatable especially i n the age of COVID. Carlos also opens up to Rosie about a heartbreaking mistake he made in his marriage and how owning it brought him closer to his partner.

3. Aging, Loss, and Fear with Luz Maria Doria


Rosie intimately shares with legendary journalist and executive producer and VP of the morning show, Despierta America, Luz Maria Doria about what it means to thrive after 50. Together they discuss how loss can be the blessing of a lesson in disguise, and how personal fears don’t automatically disappear with age.

4. The Lessons of Self-Love and Personal Growth with Helen Ochoa


Latina singer and songwriter Helen Ochoa joins Rosie for some girl talk about her search for self-love, and the growth she underwent that ultimately led her to the love of her life. Known for her soulful songs about heartbreak, Ochoa shares some hard-earned wisdom on how she survived romantic and professional breakups and found the road to her ultimate success.

5. How to Stop Self-Sabotaging with Dr. Judy Ho


Understanding why we get in our own way is crucial to changing self-sabotaging behaviors. In this illuminating episode, Rosie speaks with Dr. Judy Ho, neuropsychologist and author of "Stop Self-Sabotage," to explore the transformative steps we can take toward embracing the life we are meant to live.

6. What it Means to Work on Yourself with Mike Bayer


Rosie sits down for an illuminating conversation with life development coach and New York Times bestselling author, Mike Bayer (a.k.a, Coach Mike Bayer) to discuss the different paths to reaching new growth on your personal journey. Together they discuss why most people are scared of looking within, and the preparation and courage required to level up and be ready for the next step in your life.

7. The Secrets to Inner Peace & Surrender with Kute Blackson


Find out how surrendering control can help create balance in this intimate conversation between Rosie and bestselling author Kute Blackson. From creating environments that allow you to thrive, to the importance of letting go, Kute and Rosie share inspirational lessons in hopes that you can also learn to dream big.

8. The Journey from Trauma to Hope with J.R. Martinez


After a near-death experience, actor and motivational speaker J.R. Martinez has used his platform to help inspire others. In this interview, J.R. shares with Rosie how he practices gratefulness despite facing some dark days, and how a traumatic experience helped him find inner happiness.

9. Second Chances & Personal Growth with Justin Blum


What would you do with a second chance after living a life of crime? In this episode, Rosie discusses just that with Raw Fitness founder—and that’s right, reformed criminal—CEO Justin Blum. Hear what it was like for Justin to rediscover and reinvent himself after surviving the traumatic challenges that landed him in jail. Listen and learn how nutrition, exercise, and a healthy dose of determination can lead to personal growth and redemption.

10. Finding Your Voice & Putting an End to People-Pleasing with Jerry Metellus


As a photographer, dancer, and all-around entertainer, people-pleasing ran through Jerry Metellus’s blood for years. In this episode, he talks to Rosie about how he broke the habit of people-pleasing and learned to look inward for direction and guidance, rather than continuing to rely on outside gratification. Hear his empowering story, and learn how to excavate your authentic inner voice in a world full of external influences.

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