Your Heart, Your Life

Grow in Love

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler

Best selling author and Master coach

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No matter your relationship status, bestselling author and master life coach Christine Hassler can help you work toward the kind of passionate, long-lasting love you deserve. With her deep personal experience and extensive professional expertise, Christine will show you how to make your heart both stronger and more open.

What You'll Learn

  • How to let go of limiting beliefs about love 
  • How to overcome heartache 
  • How to manifest the right partner for you 


11 Episodes

1. LOVE (for everyone)


Figure out what limiting beliefs you have about love and how they came to be. Then learn to love & accept yourself.

2. 5 Top Rules for a Healthy Breakup


No contact Detox ex Schedule grief Take off rose colored glasses Start something new

3. Lessons & A Letter-Writing Exercise


You spot it you got it -- negative and positive projections Get out of victimhood / you did not fail / ask “what am I learning?” Completion letter / forgiveness

4. The Only Reason You are Suffering over Being Single


Do you think being in a relationship is better than being single? Do you think that when you have a partner, you’ll be happy? Learn how to get over this limiting belief.

5. How to Draw in Your Most Aligned Parter


Learn how to call the love of your life into your life.

6. Dating Tips


Be authentic (not strategic); Figure out your dating guidelines; Live your best life.Learn how to implement these and many more.

7. Communication in Relationships


Learn how to make your relationship (present or future) more connected, healthier and passionate through improved communication and better conflict management.

8. Emotional and Sexual Intimacy


Learn how to create deeper intimacy with your partner in all parts of your relationship.

9. 40 Day Stop, Start & Modify


Take the challenge to change the relationship you have with yourself, amp up your self and become a better partner through the 40 Day Stop, Start & Modify program.

Bonus: Meditation 1


Bonus: Meditation 2


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