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Where Ya From?
53 min2019 MAY 6
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11: Emily Robinson


Actress Emily Robinson (Transparent, Eighth Grade, Virgin Territory) is one of the most grounded humans Sara has ever met - which is wild, because Emily is only 20 years old. A successful actress, writer, director, producer, activist and eyebrow-haver, Emily talks to Sara about her love for Elsie K. Fisher, Bo Burnham's ace directorial skills, auditioning, studying creative writing, how Gaby Hoffman helped her with research before a childbirth scene,  juggling school and work, her life as a student at Columbia, the fun/drama of social media, and trying to listen to people with compassion, even when it's tough. Say to Emily at Twitter.com/Emily_Robinson and Instagram.com/Emily_Robinson. You can support this podcast via Patreon at Patreon.com/SaraBenincasa.


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