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The Royal Canadian Movie Podcast
28 min2020 FEB 27
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181.5: Podcast Cross Over - Greg Pang and Michelle Molineux of Legal Cut Pro


This week - a special bonus! Becky sits down with Greg Pang and Michelle Molineux to talk about their fantastic Canadian Legal Podcast - Legal Cut Pro. If you’re a fan of RCMPod and want to know more about Canadian media from a legal perspective - we can’t recommend their show enough. Also - if you want to know more about why we do the RCMPod this is the episode for you.

Lawyers Greg Pang and Michelle Molineux discuss relevant, interesting and sometimes strange legal issues in Entertainment Law affecting Canadian independent film/television/media producers. Find their podcast on: iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Podbean! (You can also find them on Google Podcasts and Google Play Music but sometimes new episodes do not show up or are delayed on those platforms)