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57min2020 JAN 9
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In today's show, we'll get the Dr's take on a recent study "Surviving and Thriving: Fundamental Social Motives Provide Purpose in Life" published inPersonality and Social Psychology Bulletin." We'll also go over these questions: 1.Where do New Year's resolutions come from? Why start something Jan 1 vs. any other random day? 2. Dr. Lisle & Dr. Howk discuss the most common New Year's resolution: weight loss 3. What do the Dr's think about the work of Dr. John Sarno in curing chronic back pain using education of how the mind works as treatment? According to Dr. Sarno childhood abuse can lead to rage in the unconscious mind and brain triggers TMS or chronic pain to repress this internal rage and there have been hundreds of people who have cured their back ache after reading his book, Healing Back Pain

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