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1h 1min2022 JUL 7
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In today's show, the dr's discuss: 1. Current events re: Roe v Wade 2.There is so much about “body positivity” on the media and women growing their body hair out especially. On social media I read mainly positive comments on this, but especially from women, while some men are making rather jokey comments. I was just wondering what might be the motivation for women who keep saying stuff like “good on her”, “if only I was braver, I’d do the same”, etc…?? Like they’re all claiming that removal of body hair is forced on us by recent culture. Is it though? I personally as a women hate my body hair and have removed it since before puberty. To me it actually feels "natural" to remove it. So I wonder if there is any perspective on this specific topic from the evolutionary psychology perspective? 3.What is your erudite opinion on why the ‘blank slate’ model seem to particularly appeal to certain "character types" more than others

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