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9 min2018 OCT 30
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Bastard's Bargain Audiobook


Listen to the full audiobook free with a 30-day trial at http://hotaudiobook.com/free/354632 Title: Bastard's BargainAuthor: Katee RobertNarrator: Charlotte NorthFormat: UnabridgedLength: 10 hrsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 2018-10-30Publisher: Hachette Book Group USAGenres: Romance, GeneralPublisher's Summary:'The Bastard's Bargain is deliciously gritty, darkly romantic, drop-dead sexy and thoroughly engrossing.' --USA Today, Happy Ever AfterMarried to the enemy When Keira O'Malley was a child, she used to picture her perfect wedding. The flowers. The dress. Her husband. But nothing could have prepared her for saying 'I do' to Dmitri Romanov-cold, domineering, and always one step ahead of everyone else in the ever-shifting power plays of New York City. She agreed to his bargain to secure peace for her family, and she may want the bastard more than she'd ever admit, but she'll be damned if she'll make this marriage easy for him.Dmitri knows better than to underestimate Keira for one second. Molten desire smolders between them, a dangerous addiction neither can resist. But his enemies are already on the move, and he needs every ounce of his legendary focus and control to keep them alive. Keira could just be his secret weapon-if she doesn't bring him to his knees first.'A tension-filled plot full of deceit, betrayal, and sizzling love scenes will make it impossible for readers to set the book down.' --Publishers Weekly on Forbidden PromisesPrevious books: THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT THE WEDDING PACT AN INDECENT PROPOSAL FORBIDDEN PROMISES UNDERCOVER ATTRACTIONContact: inforeq17@gmail.com