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53min2022 APR 24
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In E168, Sid and Ishan Khobare discuss how they went from zero to 20 doors in just over two years. not only that, they did it with zero money to start and accomplished everything through learning. These guys wheel and deal now with zero down creative financing and wholesaling properties. Learn how the guys are quitting their jobs and taking it full time in this hold-nothing-back episode. Disclaimer: This episode, as with every episode of this podcast, should NOT be considered as advise. Investment advise is NEVER given on this show. Always consult a competent investment advisor before making an investment decision. Listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher and more @ Connect with Sid and Ishan on instagram: instagram: Connect with Andrew Hines on instagram: facebook: Andrew Hines Audio · E168 Becoming A Full Time Real Estate Investor At Warp Speed With Ishan And Sid Khobare Music Info, Artist: JPB, Song: High, NCS Release: Feb 1 2015, No Copyright Copyright Free

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