RWJ Daily: Raised with Jesus (WELS)
48min2022 JUL 18
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Bible Class: Book of Job and chapters 15-21 Six chapters, round 2 of the verbal “boxing match” between Job and his friends, and the central chapter of the book of Job! To see the video click here: From Immanuel Cares podcast of sermons, Bible classes, and devotions: #bookofjob #immanuelshirley #EHV Show Notes Contact the Podcast: or Click here to find a nearby congregation or church home. All rights reserved. Content used at this podcast comes from a variety of locations & sources. Casting Nets Podcast: Apple Spotify Contact Casting Nets: Impact Podcast - St. Andrew, Middleton WI RSS Link: Prince of Peace - Thousand Oaks, CA Water of Life Lutheran Church - Caledonia & Racine, WI Life Challenges Podcast St. Paul Lutheran Church - Ottawa, ON, Canada His Word 360 (WLS Prof. Rev. Stephen Geiger) WELS Streams: WELS Congregational Services: Point of Grace Campus Ministry Pilgrim Lutheran Church - Menomonee Falls WI Through My Bible readings by Rev. Martin Spriggs. Audio accessed at Produced 2022 by Pastor Hagen: or (419) 262-8280 Music from Joseph McDade: #raisedwithjesus #lutheran #sanctification #toledome #toledo #welstoledo #jesus #bible #podcast #dailyjesus #jesusdaily #rwjpodcast #jesusfortoledo Resurrection - Maumee: Family Bible Hour at 10:15 AM, Worship on Sundays at 9 AM & 11 AM 2250 S. Holland Sylvania Rd - Maumee, OH Contact RWJ: (419) 262-8280 CCLI Copyright License 11582729 and Streaming License 20003552

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