Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t
59min2020 NOV 3
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Kalup Linzy Is a genuine famous artist with his work in the collections of MoMA, The Whitney, Met, Studio Museum of Harlem, a teaching gig at Harvard as well as a Kalup's’ personal dream come true: his guest appearance on General Hospital, arranged by an admirer his admirer, collaborator, and fellow actor on the show, James Franco. I had the good fortune of meeting Kalup at the recent Satellite Art Fair. The more research I did about Kalup, I became curious about how someone from a tiny town without even a movie theater, let alone an art gallery or museum as well as having a schizophrenic mother, could become someone so respected and recognized in the art world where people are visiting museums before they can walk. So in this session, Kalup describes directly his growing up and difficulties he was faced with, but what comes through most clearly, is that Kalup had a lot of beauty in his life because he felt loved and cared for by family and community. This is a powerful demonstrati...