Woman's Hour
57min2022 JUL 20
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Today the government launches its much awaited Women’s Health Strategy for England. For generations women have lived with a healthcare system that is designed by men, for men. Despite making up 50 percent of the population and living longer than men, women have been under-represented in research, with little known about some female-specific issues, spending a greater proportion of their lives in ill health and disability, with growing geographic inequalities in women’s life expectancy. Having spoken to nearly 100,000 women the government say this will reset the dial on women’s health. Krupa Padhy speaks to Women's Health Minister Maria Caulfield and Dame Professor Lesley Regan the newly appointed Women's Health Ambassador. Tonight England's Lionesses will take on Spain in the quarter finals. The two teams will go head to head in Brighton, in what will be the first knockout game of the tournament. Although both are strong teams, England and Spain have previously competed against each other 15 times resulting in the Lionesses winning twice as many games as their opponents. England have also been scoring more goals than any team has ever done in the group stage. BBC Women's Sport Reporter, Jo Currie gives us an overview of the brilliant Lionesses taking to the pitch this year. Tim Berners Lee is often credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web. But who are some of the women who played an instrumental role in building the internet and the technology that surrounds it? We hear about Karen Spärck Jones, Sophie Wilson and Hedy Lamarr. And with a fifth of women in the UK experiencing online harassment and abuse, how can the internet be made more friendly to women? Krupa Padhy speaks to Charlotte Webb, who teaches internet equality at University of the Arts London and is the co-founder of the Feminist Internet and to Dame Stephanie Shirley who founded an all-women software company in the 1960s. Presenter: Krupa Padhy Producer: Kirsty Starkey Interviewed Guest: Marie Caulfield Interviewed Guest: Dame Professor Lesley Regan Interviewed Guest: Catherine Burns Interviewed Guest: Jo Currie Interviewed Guest: Dame Stephanie Shirley Interviewed Guest: Charlotte Webb

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