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Calmer You Podcast: Anxiety & Confidence
41 minFEB 22
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Ep 140. Periods with Laura Wilkes


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Laura Wilkes is a Cycle Coach, Yin Yoga Teacher and Female Empowerment Educator. Combining her love of yoga, body awareness, female biochemistry and women’s health and wellness, she shares in an authentic and accessible way to bring the wisdom and power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness – the awareness of what happens inside of the female body from bleed to bleed – into more women’s lives.

The Menstrual Cycle is a juicy topic and there is so much to share. For more information on the cycle, her four phases and how this impacts your life from the inside out, please visit Laura’s website: laurajwilkes.com and download her FREE cycle guide and tracker. And, follow her over on @laurajwilkes_ for regular educational videos, cycle tips and tools that’ll help you live in harmony with your body. 

We discuss:

-PMS - and how it impacts anxiety and confidence.

-Why is self love so important when it comes to our cycle?

-The magic of cycle tracking

-How the pill impacts our cycle

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