Intelligence Check
32min2022 APR 21
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The party has entered the Plane of Air to fight the djinnAl'Qir and everyone's going to get high! No, not on drugs. What are you talking about? They're going to be up really high in the air. It's a flying fight. With control over their own gravity, and the ground far below them, our adventurers are joining the mile high club! Hold on, what are you saying? That means they're going to do what?! There's no time for that! They are literally about to fight one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Don't be gross. With Al'Qir already channeling his destructive energy, and some generally shitty weather hindering their progress,will the party be able to reach him in time? What sage wisdom will Lauren share about rolling dice? Who will surprisingly lead the charge into battle? And why is Way so considerate of everyone's time? Maybe the oxygen is a little thin flying around in this air plane! No, air plane, with a space between, not the big metal thing with wings you fly in. Are you enjoying the show? Please help us grow and tell someone about it! All episodes are available at Join us on Discord ! We're on Twitter Reddit Email us Follow cast members on twitter! Kyle is @overturfKyle1, Lauren is @HottingerLauren, Kevin is @Palards, Mike is @CriticalButler, and Ben runs the show account. Help support the show on Patreon and get access to exclusive bonus content like behind the scenes discussions and our Season 1 Album! More details at . And thank you to our patrons listed here!Merchandise is available at Theme song by Jet 'n' Joby Logo designed by Ed Rempfer

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