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The Expedition Radio Show
125 min2019 SEP 22
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Episode 167: Music from Sean McCabe, Remi Wolf, Emmavie, Captain Supernova, Tawiah + more! 9/14/19


*PROGRAMMING NOTE*This will be our last "live" show for the next few weeks. Our broadcast partner Dash Radio in the US where we record is moving to a new facility in Hollywood. Their current studios are closing late September and they anticipate they'll be down for 4-6 weeks while the move takes place to the new locationIn the meantime, we'll be continuing to bring you some 'music only podcast shows' so we can continue to keep you in the loop, however, you'll just be missing our music discussion on the breaks. As soon as the new Dash studios open we'll get back to recording new shows in studio and you'll be hearing our angelic voices again!********************************************************************************Every week, we're playing NEW music from all points across the map. Episode 167 features our brand new podcast intro & outro from Carlton Jumel Smith PLUS new music from Sean McCabe, Remi Wolf, Emmavie, Captain Supernova, Tawiah+ SO much more...We're digging for this music so YOU don't have to!Listen to us wherever you download podcasts so you'll never miss a new episode. Just search for 'The Expedition' to follow/subscribe (here are your options). If you like what you hear, please rate and review us!You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, (all @expeditionradio), posting more about the music we love.The Expedition is produced by Derrick Ah Sam, Baby Bubba, Delia Teșileanu, Hossien Lavashak & Garfield Adams. Show also edited/mastered by Garfield Adams. Graphics/Design by Camille StemmonsThe Expedition Radio Show: Playing the latest and greatest in NEW music worldwide; showcasing emerging, unsigned, and indie label artists from all points across the map. EPISODE 167 PLAYLIST            0:01 Sean McCabe - Rocket Love    0:08 Khalid - Talk (Disclosure V.I.P.)    0:12 Captain Supernova - Find a Way    0:16 The PLAYlist - Let's Eat featuring Mumu Fresh   BREAK & SONG RECAP     0:24 Remi Wolf - Rufufus   0:27 Emmavie - Stop The Tape   0:30 Tawiah - Recreate   0:33 Ghostnaut - Boreal (feat. L'indecis)   0:36 Leisure - Man   BREAK & SONG RECAP      0:45 Hemai - Eyes, Closed (feat. Layfullstop)   0:48 Kraak & Smaak - Don’t Want This to Be Over (feat. Satchmode)   0:51 De La Soul - Stakes is High (JSquared remix)   0:54 Madison McFerrin - Try   0:58 Sweatson Klank - Street Dancing  BREAK & SONG RECAP    1:05 Mofak - Crenshaw Blvd   1:08 Bryony Jarman-Pinto - Emerge   1:11 Josh One - Scientific (feat. Longevity)   1:13 Omar - Pass it On (feat. Terri Walker)   1:17 DJ Jazzy Jeff - Bohemian Groove (Beat 13)   BREAK & SONG RECAP    1:25 Nick Kurosawa & Ohtoro - Midnight Diner feat Maryanne Ito   1:27 def.sound - Hide n Seek featuring Aye Mitch!, Zeroh, and Pink Siifu   1:31 Resolution 88 - Out of Sync   1:34 ROSALIA & Ozuna - Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi   1:37 Oilix - Surf Boogie   BREAK & SONG RECAP    1:45 Mac Ayres - I Just Need Love   1:49 Izo FitzRoy - Say Something (Smoove Remix)   1:51 Niia - Pull Up   1:59 Shigeto - MCW