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Super Cereal Podcast
38 min2017 FEB 28
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Episode 39 - Grandpa Cereals, Part 1 (Grape Nuts)


Paul and Nick grind their way through Grape Nuts, the first installment in a series celebrating(ish) the wonderful fiber-ful cereals your grandfather has to eat after a lifetime of chili dogs. Maybe pull up a chair for your pappy and he can enjoy in the misery. Topics include:

Thank You for Being a Friend;
Cereals for the Old Gullyworks;
The Peanut Butter Transformation;
The Cure for Boozin' and Lustin';
Outhouse Mysteries;
Oh No, Andy!;
Grape Nuts Taste Test;
Ways to Make Grape Nuts Useful;
Sweeter, Crispier, Edible Flakes;
Three Our Fathers, Two Hail Marys, and a Bowl of Grape Nuts;
Nutty Nuggets is Not a Bit;
Paul's Blessing and Curse;
Whatever Happened to Shrimp Cocktail?