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1h 0min2022 APR 25
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Episode 158: Wellness is a 360 experience and movement plays a pivotal role in connecting our bodies and our minds. This week, Natalie is joined by Rachel Katzman, who is the co-founder of P.volve, a movement method that intersects fitness, physical therapy, and women’s health.After years of high impact workouts and a scoliosis diagnosis, Rachel’s body began to break down. She started training with the purpose of functionality and her confidence reappeared as her back pain disappeared. She shares about her leap into entrepreneurship and what it was like to open a functional movement gym with very few resources. Natalie and Rachel discuss the ups and down of launching a fitness platform and how to find the right work flow for yourself. P.volve has grown into a global movement that is transforming the fitness industry and empowering women to become the best version of themselves. Today’s episode dives into: How to pivot your business when challenges arise Tips for making concrete p...

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