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47min2022 JUL 11
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Episode 169:Today’s episode is inspiration overload! Natalie is joined by the founder of Softwear, Sabrina Zohar, for a motivating and moving conversation about her journey to entrepreneurship. The year 2017 changed everything for Sabrina, and her life-altering story will give you chills whilefilling your inspirational cup. Natalie and Sabrina share their experiences with imposter syndrome and why a business plan may be mentally holding you back. Sabrina is the definition of a hustler who believed in and invested in her vision, pounding the pavement every day to get her line of athleisure wear into stores. Take this episode as your sign to start whatever you’ve been putting off, because it is better to start than to stall. Today’s episode dives into: Real, honest advice to breakthrough in the fashion industry The pros and cons of working with a business partner Stress coping mechanisms when you are a solopreneur Tips for new founders to stop stalling and start doing Thank you so ...

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