Finding Grace
50min2022 APR 21
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In this episode of finding grace I’m joined by Marine Selenee, who is a family constellation therapist, motivational speaker, the author of “Connected fates, separate destinies - using family constellations therapy to recover from inherited stories and trauma. “ She works with clients 1-1, in groups and online. She is passionate about sharing the transformative power of family constellations. We were introduced through my lovely friend George, I can’t wait to share Marine and her work on here today. In this episode: Marine share’s what finding grace means to her and the journey that she’s been on. She share’s her story and what led her to this work and to move across the world. She share’s what family constellation therapy is and why it’s important. We discuss reclaiming our power and rewriting our story and the importance of this. Why getting to the root of a wound helps us heal the past and move forward. She share’s how we not only help with our own healing with this wor...

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