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29min2022 JUL 21
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Let’s bring awareness to Nursing Informatics! We are honored to be joined in the Future of Global Informatics by Tanya Strong, a person near and dear to our host! Tanya talks about the evolution of the Nursing Informatics Industry and why it has been a challenge to legitimize the practice in healthcare. She discusses the importance of completing a master’s training in the subject over obtaining a certification. Tanya speaks of different avenues of work and several opportunities for a professional nurse informaticist, explaining each one and giving words of encouragement to pursue them. She also shares a little history masterclass of her professional path and the best advice she has to offer to future generations of nurse informaticist professionals. Tune in to learn about the world of Nursing Informatics from an experienced Nurse Informaticist! Click this link for the show notes, transcript, and resources: outcomesrocket.com

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FOGI: Creating a Legacy: A Conversation Around Nursing Informatics with Tanya Lewis Strong, Nurse Informaticist


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