Skip and Shannon: Undisputed
2h 5min2022 JUL 16
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In the more than 150 year history of Major League Baseball, only one player has ever been murdered during a season.That player is Lyman “Wesley” Bostock Jr, a budding star for the Angels in the 70's, who was murdered by a man who whose court case would result in a stunning verdict.In an upcoming 8-part series from FOX Sports Podcasts, Tom Rinaldi explores Lyman's improbable life, his tragic death, and the miscarriage of justice that let his killer go free. Episodes 1-4 premiere on July 18, 2022. Follow here: 00:00 Dragić on KD & Kyrie 24:10 Suns match Pacers max offer sheet for Deandre Ayton 38:15 Jeanie Buss on LeBron 50:45 Hollywood Brown on Lamar Jackson 1:05:22 LeBron discusses off-the-court issues 1:16:42 Cowboys’ make-or-break season 1:29:38 Jerry West on Kevin Durant 1:40:00 Will Tom Brady lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl this season? 1:47:16 Dalton Schultz 1:52:27 Dolphins’ 2022 offense Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megap...

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Full Show (MLB All-Star Game honors Jackie Robinson, KD's trade request, Russell Westbrook, Dak Prescott, Baker Mayfield)

2h 5min

Full Show (Lakers, KD to the Wizards?, Will Dallas regret the Amari Cooper trade?, Leonard Fournette)

2h 5min

Best Of (Do the Lakers have a clear path to trading Westbrook? + Ranking KD & LeBron)


Full Show (Russell Westbrook latest, LeBron's 42-pt Drew League performance, Baker Mayfield's passion)

2h 5min

Best Of (Will Brady lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl this season? + Ranking Dalton Schultz)


Full Show (Dragić on KD & Kyrie, Suns match Pacers max offer sheet for Deandre Ayton, LeBron's off-the-court issues)

2h 5min

Full Show (LeBron for KD?, Lamar Jackson vs. Bernard Pollard, Chet Holmgren, CeeDee Lamb, Tiger Woods)

1h 54min

Best Of (Chris Broussard joins to discuss a potential KD for LeBron trade)