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Dan Churchill's The Epic Table
76 minMAR 5
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How Punk Rock, Plant-Based Ironman John Joseph completed 12x Ironman Triathlons!


Team, we are back for another exciting episode of The Epic Table podcast! We are joined by John Joseph, Musician, author, Ironman Triathlete, and New Yorker. John is best known for his lead singing role in his band the Crowd-Mags in the 1980-2000s. Most importantly, John is a plant based athlete, and has crushed 12 Iron Man triathlons! John is an outstanding storyteller, detailing his early years growing up in the Lower East Side of New York City, the trauma he faced, and how he turned his life around. This episode of the podcast is explicit, so if you're surrounded by kids or easily offended this episode might not be for you.
Specifically, we discuss… 

What do plant-based athletes eat? How did John get into the plant-based lifestyle? 

What is the Iron Man? How many kilometers/miles are in an Iron Man Triathlon?

Who are the Brains? How did John meet the Bad Brains? How did the Bad Brains influence John?

Why is John plant-based?

Why did John become a Hare Krishna? What do Hare Krishnas eat?

To learn more about John…
- Check out John's books

The PMA Effect - https://www.amazon.com/PMA-Effect-John-Joseph/dp/0998344745

Meat is for Pussies - https://www.amazon.com/Meat-Pussies-How-Guide-Dudes/dp/0062320327

The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon - https://www.amazon.com/Evolution-Cro-Magnon-John-Joseph/dp/0980065704

- Youtube “Hard Truth with John Joseph” - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGy-7a2mGbzfZYMNjOk-gRQ
- Instagram (@JohnJosephCromag) - https://www.instagram.com/johnjosephcromag/