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How to boost your metabolism with Shawn Stevenson


Welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by the legend himself, Shawn Stevenson! Shawn is a health and wellness expert who struggled with an incurable degenerative disc disease which set him back greatly. Upon receiving a wake-up call from within, he was able to turn his life around with three simple lifestyle changes revolving around sleep, diet and exercise. Shawn is also the founder and host of The Model Health Show, which aims to educate listeners on a wide variety of health related topics.
In this episode we discuss...

Different types of body fat and how these fats are metabolized in the body

Brown Fat vs Visceral Fat

What does nocebo mean? What is the difference between placebo and nocebo? 

The importance of changing your perspective

The importance of the gut microbiome

How to diversify the gut microbiome

How the microbiome affects mood; the Gut-Brain connection

How to improve the gut microbiome

What causes inflammation of the hypothalamus?

One way to repair the blood brain barrier


Shawn's Instagram (@ShawnModel https://www.instagram.com/shawnmodel/)

Eat Smarter ( https://eatsmarterbook.com/)

Check out Shawn's Website ( https://themodelhealthshow.com/)