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37min2022 APR 22
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Today we have a great conversation between Leon from ENS and Michael from Fantom about how technical advancements in blockchain could be a catalyst for a new form of societal governance. Leon Talbert is a developer at ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and Michael Kong is the CEO of the Fantom Foundation. If you like to learn more about Leon, ENS, Michael or Fantom, you can follow them here: Website: Website: ENS' Twitter: Fantom’s Twitter: Leon's Twitter: Michael's Twitter: Intro and Outro Music by Kristyan Chaer Check him out at: Thank you to our sponsors: Creditcoin - The Buildingblocks of trust. The Creditcoin Network is a public blockchain that creates a credit lending infrastructure allowing fintech lenders and microfinance providers greater access to capital while borrower...

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