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6 min2017 SEP 4
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完美?Nobody's Perfect


Hey everybody, welcome back to Meiguo Shushu Shuo Yingyu.

Today we are going to talk about perfection. That’s right, let’s find out if any of us on Earth is perfect.

My guess is that you cannot find the perfect person, unless his or her name is “Nobody”, because as they say, “Nobody’s perfect”!

Well, some people have said that I am a perfectionist, since I always try to do things perfectly.

Maybe it is because I am a Virgo but perhaps it’s not always a good thing to be perfect.

If there is no imperfection in the world, then we’d all have to live up to an impossible standard.

If your expectations are too high, then it may be hard to ever find true and lasting happiness.

Some people are so in love with perfection that they cannot get started on the path to success.

This kind of procrastination is paralyzing and can prevent perfectionists from reaching their goals. 

Perhaps it is best if we keep in mind that the goal is good but the journey is just as if not more important.

That is to say, the path we take to get somewhere is sometimes more satisfying than the destination.

Of course, it’s always good to shoot for the stars and reach for the moon.

That’s a great trait of high achievers, you know, those people who get a lot done, those who are content with what they get because they get a lot!

But these high achievers know their strengths and weaknesses, then they are realistic in what they want and what they can get.

A high achiever likes doing a great job. Perfectionists are only interested in perfection, so they think it is “all or nothing”.

Well, this can lead to severe disappointment to say the least!

So, it is better to not have unreasonable goals.

If you will accept less than perfect, it’s easier to be happy, and to get something for your hard work.

No one can be the absolute best at everything all the time.

As President Barack Hussein Obama said: “better is good”.

Making a small improvement is better than not making progress at all.

Patience and optimism can help more than the inflexibility of the pursuit of perfect.

Don’t get depressed if you can’t reach your goals right away, or if it seems that you will never reach them.

Remember that life is a series of moments, and take it a day at a time.

Don’t be afraid to fail, because, well, here’s a secret, but I guess I can tell you, just don’t tell anyone else ok?

Here is what you gotta always keep in mind: we all fail. Everyone. Every single person is the world thinks that he or she can do better, and that’s a good thing!

It keeps us going and gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. 

Alright everybody, that is our program for today.

I hope you enjoy Meiguo Shushu Shuo Yingyu and I hope you have a great day, and even though we say, “practice makes perfect”, keep in mind that the practice is much more important than the perfect.

Talk to you later, bye bye, zai jian.