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Kitchen Island Commentators
44 min2019 APR 5
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Peter Bromley (by Rob Nothman)


The mellifluous BBC producer and broadcaster Rob Nothman joins Jack to talk through the microphone machinations of horse racing commentator Peter Bromley.

Peter was the BBC's horse racing voice on the radio between 1961 and 2001 and Rob had the pleasure of working alongside him for 10 of those years. Here he recounts the wonderful workings that went into every Peter Bromley commentary, and of course picks out some of his favourite lines as well.

In this pod, you can be guaranteed to find out about:

  • Peter Bromley's challenges with sound engineers

  • The artistry behind his commentary preparations (involving Caran d'Ache felt tip pens no less)

  • The secret story of Bromley's famous Shergar commentary

  • The relationship between Bromley and the BBC's No.1 horse racing commentator on television, Peter O'Sullevan 

  • Rob's top tips on what it takes to become a sports broadcaster