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Paper Team
29 minJAN 25
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Pitches, Pivots, and Pilots – Paper Scraps Monthly (PT205)


Alex and Nick answer your TV writing questions about pitching with a script, and pivoting towards a screenwriting career. Plus, we discuss the latest news, including productions halting in LA, and pilot season during a pandemic. Content Editor Goodbye and Shout-Outs (00:31) TV Writing Questions: Pitching with a script, pivoting towards a screenwriting career later in life (02:56) TV Writing News: Warner Bros, Alex Trebek, and production shutdowns (17:58) Links Networking 201: Cold Contact, Queries and Etiquette (PT121) Protecting and Over-Protecting Your TV Script: Copyright, Ownership and Idea Theft (PT23) Breaking in as a TV Writer Later in Life ft. J. Holtham (PT92) "Warner Bros will stream its 2021 films" - The Ringer "HBO Max Planning Original DC Content for International Markets" - CBR "The Hidden Depths of Alex Trebek's Banter with Jeopardy Contestants" - The New Yorker "SAG-AFTRA, Producers Guild & Advertisers Urge Temporary Shutdown" - Deadline If you enjoy Paper Team, please consider supporting us on Patreon at paperteam.co/patreon! :) You can find Paper Team on Twitter: Alex - @TVCalling Nick - @_njwatson For any questions, comments or feedback, you can e-mail us: ask@paperteam.co