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GRIT: A podcast about life & the long haul
15 min2018 MAR 28
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Welcome to GRIT - a podcast about life and the long haul. This season we’ll be thinking through the role that resilience plays in grit. resilience. It can be defined as the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. It is our ability to return to good form in the face of life’s risks and challenges. Here are the seven personality strengths of highly resilient people discussed in this episode: Hope, Grit, Meaning in Life, Curiosity, Gratitude, Control Beliefs, Use of Strengths. As you think through your life, which of those seven - or what combination of them - has helped you the most? Join the conversation on Twitter with Shamichael Hallman (@shamike2009) using #gritpodcast. GRIT is produced by bhmedia.