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1h 20min2022 JUL 19
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The Seattle Seahawks dominance over the 49ers is not a recent phenomenon. Seattle has owned the Niners since coming into the division in 2002. Although, their stake in ownership really didn't begin until the 2003 season. Since that time, they've beaten the Niners twice in a season on 11 occasions (compared to the 3 years for their rival). One thing the Niners have going for them is a very talented front seven on defense. However, they have similar questions as the Seahawks with regard to offensive line and cornerback. Much like Seattle, the Niners have questions of their own at quarterback. One big one in particular: Why is Handsome Jimmy still on their roster? Is it because of reports of Trey Lance arm fatigue? Is it because the organization feels they're in a Super Bowl window and don't want to risk handing the keys to an unproven quarterback? When the Chiefs were ready to move on from Alex Smith, a trade was in place even before free agency started that offseason. Would Seattle be a possible destination to consider for Jimmy? Following the predictions for the Niners 2022 season, we take a look at one of the recent quotes by Russell Wilson. Will he be able to flip the switch this year? Especially since it's a switch that should really be on all the time. We get into a random discussion about the SAW score for a Montana bison. Then in Do Better we call out the Montana Department of Transportation as well as Mars, Inc. Better at Life honors go to Jake Plummer and DK Metcalf. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | YouTube | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

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