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The Big Podcast With Shaq
53 min2020 DEC 14
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Shaq talks about leading young athletes, answers a lot of listener questions and brings back the NBA Emoji Game for the start of the season on The Big Podcast with Shaq


Shaq reflects on leading young athletes and meeting them before they were big, specifically Kevin Love's story about meeting Shaq as a kid and that leading to how Kevin treats young kids to this day. We also get Shaq's take on the airline stewardess offering her undergarments to passengers, and restaurants denying servers the big tips that they earn. We also have big laughs with the return of the Drunk Brothers, Uncle Shannon's Neighborhood, and answer a ton of questions in Dear Shaq. We get Borderline as always, and with the NBA season tipping off we play a round of the NBA Emoji Game. Follow the show on Twitter @Shaqcast - @TheBigPodcastWithShaq on Instagram and Facebook - or email your best clips and questions to TheBigPodcastWithShaq@gmail.com.