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The Big Podcast With Shaq
67 min2020 NOV 23
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Shaq talks NBA trades and James Harden's money, Thanksgiving traditions and sides, and the wild stories of the week on The Big Podcast with Shaq


Shaquille O'Neal is ready to enjoy Thanksgiving by talking about his family's traditions, his favorite sides and what he's doing for Thanksgiving this year. We also get the big man's thoughts on James Harden passing on $50 million in Houston to try and go to Brooklyn, even though Steve Nash will just let them do what they want and Kyrie and Harden will be fighting by game 10. There are a lot of other NBA moves to talk about, how the Marlins made history this week, and insane stories from the news desk from the last couple weeks. We of course get Borderline, and we play a food game for Thanksgiving called Faking It. Follow the show on Twitter @Shaqcast - @TheBigPodcastWithShaq on Instagram and Facebook - or email your best clips and questions to TheBigPodcastWithShaq@gmail.com.