The Contractor Fight with Tom Reber
16min2022 APR 28
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In response to questions from Carl and Christopher, Tom and Dan discuss the reasonable closing rate from a salesperson and strategies for employee conflict resolution. In this episode, we talk about… Question 1: What is an acceptable closing rate from your salesperson? The closing rate depends on things like: Lead source, Great marketing that speaks to your ideal clients, Your website, etc. You can expect at least a 90% close rate when you go out on-site — if you factor in marketing and pre-qualification using Shin-Fu. *You should hover around 50% when it comes to lead sources Question 2: I used to avoid employee conflicts, hoping that they would resolve themselves, but that didn't work too well. I want to address the conflicts directly, but I'm not good at being a mediator. Do you have any advice on employee conflict resolution that would help me out? Don't allow the conflict to fester — the longer you wait to resolve it, the bigger it becomes Make no assumptions — so many of our issues and miscommunications with other people stem from assumptions we both make Resources: Submit your questions to with the subject “Podcast” and Tom and Dan will try to answer them on an upcoming show. Visit our sponsors of this episode, NiceJob. NiceJob is Reputation Marketing software that will help your business collect 2-3 times more reviews on Google, Facebook, and the platforms that matter. Don’t forget to use code “Fight” for $50 off the first month on new accounts! Are you stealing money from your family because you aren’t charging enough for your services? Discover what you SHOULD be charging. Download our 50% Gross Profit cheat sheet: == Join us in BATTLEGROUND == Everything your contracting business needs in one comprehensive program with three main focus areas: Leadership, Communication, and Numbers. For more info check out: == Order your free copy of Tom’s book Winning the Contractor Fight (Just pay to ship) == == Grab the Gear == == Find Us on Social Media == YouTube: Instagram: Live Unafraid Swag: The Contractor Fight is the ultimate resource for becoming an uncommon contractor! Pick a fight with mediocrity. Live Unafraid.

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