PS I Love You XOXO: PlayStation Podcast by Kinda Funny
1h 57min2022 MAY 6
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Greg, Blessing, Janet, and Barrett talk about the games that are trapped on other platforms that they want on PS5! Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:00:30 - Welcomes & Housekeeping 00:09:22 - Have you ever rented a game so much that you ended up spending more on it than if you had just purchased it outright? - Kozibear 00:24:42 - PS5’s Most Wanted Games 01:09:26 - Ads 01:12:22 - Could PlayStation acquire Square? 01:24:10 - What PlayStation announcements could appear at Summer Game Fest? 01:31:50 - PlayStation Picks 01:53:25 - PS We Love You: Send love to

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