No Jumper
1h 29min2022 JUN 4
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Goblin gives us details on his lifestyle, doing it big on Youtube, Keemstar beef, plan on going to O'Block with Adam and much more! ----- 00:00 Intro 2:00 - Attending networking events. Misunderstanding cocktail attire. Not caring about brands 10:10 - Getting good at storytelling/streaming/podcasting by doing it for so long. Keeping notes of cool stuff to tell stories about 12:36 - Getting into a beef with Keemstar over stolen thumbnail pics 18:32 - Girlfriend was one of his biggest fans before they met. Meeting his girlfriend after she won his giveaway on Twitter. 23:20 - Detailing how he used to smuggle stuff in the airport 29:31 - Playing video games while on acid is fun. Slowing down on IRL adventures while tripping as he gets older 32:26 - Importance of testing pills. Having friends die from ODs. Anyone still doing drugs is either dead or in jail 35:31 - Buying 250 xans at one time. Taking 6 xanax and biting his keyboard 38:00 - Xanax removes your stomach capacity. Eating insane amounts of food off xanax. 42:00 - Goblin teaches Adam about ketamine. Explaining the fine line between a light buzz and full blown K-hole 57:47 - Not liking opiates. Never doing fentanyl on purpose. Insane price of lean 1:13:33 - Goblin’s friend lost his virginity to an oriental masseuse 1:15:45 - Taking Goblin to O-Block 1:26:30 - Goblin gifted Adam a sick grinder ----- Shout to our Partners at Gamer Supps! ORDER YOUR FREE SAMPLE TODAY with our Promo Code NoJumper Gamer Supps offers esports athletes, gamers, and podcasters the most effective and healthy energy choice to help them perform at the highest potential especially during their most crucial moments. Try it today 100% Free with our Promo Code NoJumper ----- NO JUMPER PATREON CHECK OUT OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT FOR THE LATEST NEWS & UPDATES CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on SPOTIFY: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media: JOIN THE DISCORD: Follow Adam22: adam22hoe on Snapchat Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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