Pod Don't Lie
1h 0min2022 MAY 5
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*DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUE THIS EP IS BEING RELEASED NOW. IT WAS RECORDED TUESDAY BEFORE LAST NIGHTS GAMES AND IS KINDA DATED BUT HEY SORRY SUCK OUR DICKS ITLL BE FUNNY TO SEE HOW WRONG STAV WAS ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS* Bonus Episodes Every Week @patreon.com/PodDontLie Our beautiful boy Sam must take a brief sabbatical from the podcast, but don’t worry papa Stav is here. Enjoy the first ever full hour of the Stavros A. Smith experience — Stav sucks the bucks off HEAVILY, slanders the Celts (obviously) and recaps the other 3 games of the 2nd round. Come see where Stav’s gorgeous mind wanders when left completely unchecked.

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