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Dan Churchill's The Epic Table
53 minFEB 11
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The power of the inner voice, how to tame it with Dr. Ethan Kross


Welcome back to the Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Dr. Ethan Kross, award winning psychologist and professor at the university of Michigan. Dr Ethan is doing some truly amazing work navigating our understanding of how to harness our inner voice. We talk all about the power of the inner voice, Why negative self talk is bad for us, and how to harness this voice to live a better life. If you or a loved one is going through a rough patch in your life, definitely check out this episode of the podcast!
Specifically we talk about

Negativity and why it’s actually important

How to understand and deal with negativity

What is Chatter? How can we recognize it and use it to our advantage?

How many times a day should we initiate inner speech?

Does everyone have an inner voice?

Buy Ethan's book "Chatter" - https://www.ethankross.com/chatter/
Instagram (@EthanKross) - https://www.instagram.com/ethankross/