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93 min3 w ago
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Things Photographers Spend Too Much Time Talking About


Recently I joined photographers Ben Von Wong and Tim Tadder, along with hosts Walid Azami and Mathieu Young on Clubhouse to chat about "Things Photographers Spend Too Much Time Talking About". 

But this is not about photography widgets, lenses, and photo shoots. It's not even really specific to photography. This is about career choices. It's about following your heart. And of course - the title is tongue-in-cheek because it's actually about the stuff we don't talk about enough.

Some things we get into:

  1. How to let go of goals that aren't serving us

  2. Short term vision vs long term vision

  3. Wandering off our path and how to listen to our intuition to weave back toward what we know we need to be doing

  4. The seasons of our careers and how to manage through the down cycles where we might not be firing on all cylinders

So many good nuggets in this one. Please shoutout to @vonwong and @timtadder if you like what you hear. And if you're on clubhouse, follow me (@chasejarvis) and hopefully we can connect in a room very soon.


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