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12 min2020 APR 22
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Trading oil with CFDs 2


How to trade oil?

Trading Oil is like marketing oil. The trade in black gold usually takes place on a global scale between traders from various countries. Traders thus gather in a trading centre, much like the trading rooms and start trading on the prices of the cargoes. They are bonding with oil companies and their first task is to cover the oil needs of the oil companies. As a result, cargoes along the way can change owners dozens of times. But beware, the risk is the volatility of the oil market that is to say that prices can vary from one moment to the next as a result of exchange rates. This can complicate the operation. Traders must, in this case, be able to predict the rise or fall in the price of oil on a specific date in order to be sure to have profits on resales. The second option to trade oil is for individuals who do not affiliate with any oil company. There are two ways to do that. Either the individual in question buys shares in the oil sector or operates on petroleum derivatives. In this case, leverage is required. But the best way to trade oil is to trade in line with CFDs. Indeed, the CFD market also covers the trade of black gold and there are several platforms proposed by brokers to help individuals to accomplish their investment.